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Fact sheets

The following plain language women's health fact sheets are available in HTML or as downloadable PDFs. We also produce translated fact sheets in 19 languages.

Anxiety fact sheetTips for managing anxiety fact sheet

Adenomyosis fact sheetEndometriosis fact sheetPeriods fact sheetEndometriosis symptom checklist

Cervical screening test fact sheetHealth checks for women fact sheet

Bone and joint health fact sheetEmotional wellbeing fact sheetMemory and cognition fact sheetNutrition and healthy eating fact sheetSocial connection fact sheetStaying confident as you age fact sheet

Women and heart health fact sheet

Menopause fact sheetMenopause managementMenopausal hormone therapy fact sheetMenopause mind health fact sheetMenopause and sex fact sheetMenopause and weight fact sheetMenopausal information for partners fact sheetPerimenopause fact sheetPremature and early menopause fact sheet

Calcium fact sheetProtein fact sheetFolate fact sheet Iodine fact sheetIron fact sheetMagnesium fact sheetVitamin B fact sheetVitamin D fact sheetYour guide to the top nutrients for women

Adenomyosis fact sheetCervical screening test fact sheetColposcopy fact sheetFibroids fact sheetHeavy periods fact sheetHysterectomy fact sheet

FibroidsHeavy periods fact sheetHysterectomy fact sheetPeriods fact sheetHeavy periods symptom checklist

Activity pacing for persistent pelvic painLearn about pain fact sheetManaging persistent pelvic pain fact sheetPeriods fact sheetPersistent pelvic pain and sleep fact sheetSeeing your doctor about persistent pelvic pain

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) fact sheetPCOS and healthy eating fact sheetPCOS and physical activity fact sheetPCOS symptom checklist

Abortion fact sheetContraception fact sheetContraception in Australia fact sheetVaginismus fact sheet

A guide to vulval self-checks fact sheetCervical screening test fact sheetVaginismus fact sheetVulval and vaginal health fact sheet