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Fact Sheets

Jean Hailes for Women`s Health Fact SheetEasy-to-understand women's health information available in PDF.

These fact sheets may be reproduced for patient counselling and for educational purposes by health professionals and not-for-profit organisations. Any other use of these materials (hardcopy and electronic versions) must be agreed to and approved by Jean Hailes.

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PDF version

pdfAbout Jean Hailes for Women's Health 270.74 KB

pdfBioidentical Hormones256.77 KB

pdfBone Health - Preventing Osteoporosis257.02 KB 

pdfContinence and Women261.80 KB

pdfEarly and Premature Menopause257.31 KB

pdfEarly or Premature Menopause and Emotional Wellbeing196.17 KB

pdfEmotional Health at Midlife and Menopause 257.22 KB

pdfEndometriosis252.32 KB

pdfFibroids254.39 KB

pdfGestational Diabetes258.1 KB

pdfHealth Checks for Women256.2 KB

pdfHealthy Eating for You261.6 KB

pdfHeart Health and Women260.91 KB

pdfHeavy Menstrual Bleeding252.33 KB

pdfHormone Replacement Therapy256.52 KB

pdfIrritation of the Vulva252.5 KB

pdfLibido258.83 KB

pdfLiving with Type 2 Diabetes 258.85 KB

pdfMaking Decisions about Your Health256.91 KB

pdfMenopause257.59 KB 

pdfMenstrual Cycle261.95 KB

pdfNutrition and Health for Women at Midlife259.21 KB

pdfPainful Sex – Dyspareunia254.56 KB

The elements of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

pdfPCOS and Emotional Health260.95 KB

pdfPCOS and Fertility254.15 KB

pdfPCOS and Physical Health256.66 KB

pdfPCOS Management259.54 KB

pdfPerimenopause256.44 KB

pdfPhysical Activity255.77 KB

pdfPre-diabetes and Women258.3 KB

pdfPremenstrual Syndrome (PMS)261.43 KB

pdfReading Food Labels263.67 KB

pdfSleep254.49 KB

pdfTestosterone247.48 KB

pdfThyroid Conditions257.05 KB

pdfVitamin D255.37 KB

pdfWeight Gain Prevention for Women251.9 KB

Audio version (MP3)

mp3About Jean Hailes for Women's Health3.51 MB

mp3Bioidentical hormones4.32 MB 

mp3Bone Health - Preventing Osteoporosis 4.24 Mb

mp3Continence and Women 4.48 Mb  

mp3Early and Premature Menopause 4.31 Mb

mp3Early or Premature Menopause and Emotional Wellbeing 5.02 Mb

mp3 Emotional Health at Midlfe and Menopause 4.83 Mb

mp3Endometriosis 2.98 Mb 

mp3Fibroids3.86 MB

mp3Gestational diabetes 4.51 Mb

mp3Health Checks for Women 4.76 MB

mp3Healthy Eating for You 4.59 Mb 

mp3Heart Health and Women  8.35 Mb 

mp3Heavy menstrual bleeding 2.84 Mb 

mp3Hormone Replacement Therapy  4.22 Mb

mp3Irritation of the Vulva 3.77 Mb 

mp3Libido 5.08 Mb

mp3Living with Type 2 Diabetes  5.69 Mb

mp3Making Decisions about Your Health   4.88 Mb

mp3Menopause  5.37 Mb   

mp3Menstrual Cycle  4.58 Mb   

mp3Nutrition and Health for Women at Midlife  5.56 Mb 

The elements of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

     mp3PCOS and Emotional Health 3.99 Mb

     mp3PCOS and Physical Health 3.97 Mb

     mp3PCOS Management 4.96 Mb

mp3Perimenopause 4.56 Mb 

mp3Physical Activity  3.70 Mb 

mp3Pre-diabetes and Women 4.78 Mb

mp3Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) 5.00 Mb

mp3Reading Food Labels 6.51 Mb  

mp3Sleep 3.89 Mb  

mp3Testosterone 3.18 Mb

mp3Thyroid Conditions  4.54 Mb 

mp3Vitamin D 3.75 Mb

mp3Weight Gain Prevention for Women 4.38 Mb

Content updated April 2012

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