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General presentations

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health’s Presentation Library is a series of educational presentations to help health professionals deliver health information to women and girls across Australia.

The resources are intended for a broad, general audience with varying levels of health literacy. The development of these resources has been guided by plain language and health literacy principles, making them practical and easy to understand and use. The topics of the presentations have been selected to be relevant for a range of women in Australia across their life span.

Topic 1: Periods

This presentation includes:

  • an overview of menstrual cycle
  • period products and how to use them
  • common causes of tricky periods
  • when to see a doctor or nurse about period problems.

Two optional modules

  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • endometriosis

can be incorporated into the presentation, depending on the group. For example some groups of women have high rates of PCOS eg Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or Asian women, therefore if you are presenting to these women, the PCOS module could be included.

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Topic 2: Menopause

This presentation includes:

  • an overview of menopause
  • stages of menopause
  • menopause symptoms
  • menopause management options
  • good health after menopause

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Topic 3: Health checks

This presentation includes:

  • tips on how to stay healthy throughout life
  • description of various health checks
  • recommendations for specific health checks at different ages and life stages.

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Topic 4: Sex and sexuality

This presentation includes:

  • an overview of sexual health and sexuality and some of the things that can impact them
  • healthy sexual relationships and the importance of consent
  • two common sexual problems and what you can do about them.

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Topic 5: Sexual health

This presentation includes:

  • an overview of safer sex and why it is important
  • contraception options
  • how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy
  • reproductive coercion.

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Topic 6: Hormones and your health

This presentation includes:

  • an overview of hormones and why they are important for your health
  • common conditions and life stages that are affected by hormones
  • tips for living a healthy life and keeping your hormones in balance.

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Delivering the presentations

The presentations can be downloaded in PowerPoint format free of charge. The time required to deliver a presentation depends on the topic and the needs of the audience. Some of the presentations include optional ‘add on’ modules that can be presented at the facilitator’s discretion.

The presentations are designed to be delivered by health professionals with some prior knowledge of women’s health. We recommend that presenters review the slide content and facilitator notes before the session. Facilitator notes are intended as a guide, and you can choose how much information you present depending on your audience.

When delivering the presentations, it is important to create a safe space for women and girls to learn, ask questions, and share concerns, free from shame, stigma and judgement.

If you are delivering the presentations to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, you may wish to consult with your local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and/or Aboriginal elders from the local community to ensure the content is culturally acceptable.

Access our presentations

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Health resources to support sessions

To reinforce learning, we recommend providing topic-related resources to participants during sessions. Jean Hailes provides resources for women, including fact sheets and booklets, on a range of topics that can be ordered via the website or downloaded and printed.


We welcome all feedback and suggestions on how to improve this resource. We’d also like to hear about your experience using the presentations and facilitating the sessions. Forward any feedback to