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Pointless pixels: tips to reduce screen time these holidays

Free health articles 18 Dec 2019
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Unplug and unwind this festive season.

The holiday season is almost here. For many of us, it's a time for family and friends, celebration and connection – but how much of that time will you spend glued to a screen, scrolling through social media, distracted by notifications or continuously checking your apps?

Technology can help you to feel closer to others – especially over the festive season – as it allows you to connect with far-away loved ones via Facetime, Whatsapp and text. But there's a tipping point, especially when it comes to solo time spent on your device. Suddenly a quick check of your social media has turned into the 'black hole' scroll.

Our working lives are often tied closely to technology, so the holidays offer a great chance to unplug and spend some quality time in the 'real world'.

At the Jean Hailes office, technology is an essential and constant tool. That's why many team members are aiming to reduce their screen time this festive season. Here are some of their helpful tips; maybe one or more of these strategies could be right for you if you're thinking about cutting down your device time too.

  • This Christmas, I'm getting all the good old-fashioned board games out from the cupboard to play with my son. I've also bought him a fun new one to open on Christmas morning.
  • Whenever I want a bit of a technology break, I turn off my notifications for Instagram and Facebook. Notifications are disruptions and distractions from what's actually happening in front of me.
  • I'm going to leave my phone at home when going for walks. And take cash with me, rather than paying for everything with my phone.
  • No more laptop-watching in bed with my boyfriend.
  • Rather than try to reduce how much time I spend on the phone, I've decided to do a social media audit. I'm going to make sure my Instagram feed is filled with people and accounts that make me feel good about myself and my life. And I'm going to unfollow anyone who makes me feel worse, or people who I always compare myself to.
  • My tip: don't charge technology in the bedroom. When you wake up you won't be tempted to immediately grab your phone.
  • Mealtimes with the family will be screen free.
  • These holidays I'm going to take a break from posting on social media. I'm hoping it will help me to focus on enjoying the now, rather than trying to capture the perfect moment for posting on social media.

Read more about how to reduce your screen time these holidays with our recent article: Your guide to a digital detox.

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