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Guidelines for using free health articles

Free health articles
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Jean Hailes' free health articles can be republished by your organisation for non-commercial, non-profit, educational purposes only.

Throughout the year, Jean Hailes for Women's Health creates women's health articles that can be republished free of charge in your organisation's website, blog, newsletter or magazine. Here, we provide guidelines to give organisations clear direction in using agreed-upon information written by Jean Hailes.

Jean Hailes' free health articles can be republished by your organisation for non-commercial, non-profit, educational purposes only.

No other content created by Jean Hailes (for example, our webpages or resources) can be republished without prior permission.

To receive the free health articles, subscribe to our email updates for health professionals here.

When a new article is made available, we will feature it in our email communications by including a link to a Jean Hailes webpage with the article in a downloadable PDF format.

In line with Australian Copyright Laws, we require that you acknowledge the articles to Jean Hailes as follows:

Published with the permission of Jean Hailes for Women's Health

We would also appreciate if you could include our website address and our toll-free number 1800 JEAN HAILES (532 642) for women seeking further health information.

Editing article content

We ask that you do not alter or edit the content of the article in any way. If you do need to edit the article to fit your requirements, please email a final copy to [email protected] prior to publication. This is of particular importance as medical and health information can be taken and read out of context.

Jean Hailes Editorial Policy

Jean Hailes publishes a wide variety of medical information in print and electronic form. The importance of editorial rigour for medical information cannot be overstated.

The Jean Hailes Editorial Committee provides final approval and authorisation for publication under the Jean Hailes imprimatur for all information following the internal peer review process if not already subjected to satisfactory peer review elsewhere.

Copyright keypoints

According to the Australian Copyright Council (ACC):

  • You generally need permission to use someone else's text or images in your newsletter, magazine, website or blog
  • In most cases, even if you make changes to someone else's work, you will still need permission to use their work
  • There is no general exception to copyright obligations for non-profit organisations or purposes.

Recent articles and more information

You can access our most recent free health articles here.

If you have any other questions or would like further information, please contact [email protected].

Thank you for supporting Jean Hailes for Women's Health.