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Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

Jean Hailes is an incorporated association governed by an independent Board of Directors who provide their time and expertise on a voluntary basis and receive no fees, salaries or benefits from the work they undertake for the Board. The Board oversees and ensures compliance with the Jean Hailes vision, mission and strategic direction.

Jean Hailes' main source of funding is government grants and philanthropic funding. Jean Hailes also receives support from corporate, community and private donations.


We believe in physical and emotional health and wellbeing in all its dimensions for all women in Australia throughout their lives.

Strategic priorities

Jean Hailes' unique capability is evidenced by our strategic directions to:

1. Tackle gaps where limited effective resources exist in Australia

  • Devising a model which quantifies the ʻhigh impact gapsʼ in the health and wellbeing of women in Australia
  • We are not a single-agenda model; we are ʻspecific content non-dependentʼ, as our model is transferrable to different ʻhigh impact gaps'/demonstrable unmet demand as these emerge

2. Create world-class translational centre for women's health

  • We are the creators (and publishers) of the Jean Hailes Translation Framework, which can be applied to a variety of health and psychosocial issues, and a variety of evidence sources
  • Evaluate the Jean Hailes effectiveness
  • Others use and reference of Jean Hailes as a marker

3. Be a network orchestrator

  • Bring key groups together through the nexus of information 'fit for purpose' based on common, over-arching objectives
  • Build partnerships to solve problems whose scope overwhelms single research and clinical paradigms

4. Be a data interpreter

  • Identify common risk factors/multi-dimensional (direct & indirect) risk models
  • Evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of prevention and intervention (both short and long-term)

5. Establish the Jean Hailes 'Trustmark'

Build the Jean Hailes brand to represent integrity, accuracy and independence in health and social information.

Objectivity & ethical standards

Jean Hailes has developed a significant reputation as an independent and objective source of information on the latest evidence-based developments in women's health. This independence and objectivity is recognised by women, the community and government.

In particular, Jean Hailes protects its academic freedom and right to speak objectively and openly on all matters, controversial or otherwise. Jean Hailes considers it important that the organisation and its staff abide by an ethical culture.

Jean Hailes is committed to a high standard of behaviour and bases its ethical principles, standards and guidelines that include and incorporate those published by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians where applicable and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Health and Research Ethical Guidelines.

Conflicts of interest

Jean Hailes' process around conflicts of interest include:

  • not allowing personal interests or the interests of any associated person to conflict with the interests of the organization,
  • personal interests or those of an associated person must not be given priority over those of the organization,
  • full disclosure of any conflict or potential conflict including significant and possible consequences.


The Jean Hailes Foundation (Jean Hailes for Women's Health) is recognised by the Australian Tax Office as a not-for-profit organisation.

Like most other major independent organisations within Australia, including all universities, funds for research, translation and education activities are obtained from a spectrum of government and non-government sources. For Jean Hailes, non-government donors include other philanthropic organisations and charities, private individuals and commercial organisations. Some donors specifically request anonymity as a condition of donating funds to Jean Hailes. For this reason, individual details on donors (private or commercial) are not routinely made public.

Grants and donations for research and education are only accepted on the basis of full academic freedom, including our right to publish all results deriving from the studies. Study results are published in international peer reviewed scientific journals that ensure objective scrutiny and assessment of all information before results are released publicly. Donors have no say or influence over what information is published or released. In addition the editors of medical journals have set policies to ensure that the financial associations of authors are disclosed and that published articles are not influenced by their financial associations. We fully support and comply with these policies.