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Fact Sheets by Topic

The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women`s Health Fact SheetEasy-to-understand women's health information available in PDF and MP3 audio file. Each fact sheet opens in a new window.

These fact sheets may be reproduced for patient counselling and for educational purposes by health professionals and not-for-profit organisations. Any other use of these materials (hardcopy and electronic versions) must be agreed to and approved by the Jean Hailes Foundation for Women's Health. 

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pdf About Jean Hailes for Women’s Health   83.69 Kb  

 mp3 About Jean Hailes for Women’s Health  3.35 Mb

pdf Bioidentical Hormones  50.49 Kb   

 mp3 Bioidentical Hormones Podcast   7.31 Mb

pdfBone Health - Preventing Osteoporosis264.28 KB

mp3 Bone Health – Preventing Osteoporosis Podcast  5.73 Mb

pdfContinence and Women261.8 KB

mp3 Incontinence Podcast 4.83 Mb  

pdf Early and Premature Menopause 98.33 Kb 

 mp3 Early and Premature Menopause Podcast4.02 Mb

pdf Early or Premature Menopause and Emotional Wellbeing 196.17 Kb  

mp3 Early or Premature Menopause and Emotional Wellbeing Podcast  5.02 Mb

pdf Emotional Health at Midlife and Menopause 163.39 Kb  

mp3 Emotional Health at Midlife and Menopause Podcast  4.83 Mb

pdf Endometriosis 252.38 Kb  

mp3 Endometriosis Podcast 3.98 Mb

pdf Fibroids 151.50 Kb

pdf Gestational Diabetes 104.07 Kb

mp3 Gestational Diabetes Podcast  3.93 Mb

pdf Health Checks for Women 107.05 Kb 

pdf Healthy Eating For You 250 Kb

 mp3 Healthy Eating For You Podcast 6.80 Mb

pdf Heart Health and women 156.38 Kb  

mp3 Heart Health and women Podcast   8.35 Mb

pdf Heavy Menstrual Bleeding 91.62 Kb

mp3 Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Podcast 3.79 Mb

pdfHormone Replacement Therapy259.02 KB

mp3 Hormone Replacement Therapy Podcast 4.45 Mb 

pdf Irritation of the vulva 253 Kb

mp3 Irritation of the vulva Podcast 4.89 Mb

pdf Libido 117.38 Kb 

mp3 Libido Podcast 5.08 Mb  

pdf Living with Type 2 Diabetes 250 Kb   

mp3 Living with Type 2 Diabetes Podcast 5.26 Mb

pdfMaking Decisions about Your Health 270.12 KB

mp3 Making Decisions about Your Health Podcast 4.28 Mb  

pdf Menopause 113.91 Kb

mp3 Menopause Podcast  5.37 Mb

pdfMenstrual Cycle 261.95 KB

mp3 Menstrual Cycle Podcast 6.26 Mb  

pdfNutrition and Health for Women at Midlife255.4 KB

mp3 Nutrition and Health for Women at Midlife Podcast 6.35 Mb

pdfPainful Sex – Dyspareunia254.56 KB


pdf Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Emotional Health 105.50 Kb

mp3 PCOS and Emotional Health Podcast  3.99 Mb

pdfPolycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Fertility254.15 KB

pdf Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Physical Health 99.14 Kb

mp3 PCOS and Physical Health Podcast 3.97 Mb

pdf Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Management 115.24 Kb

mp3 PCOS Management Podcast 4.96 Mb

pdf Perimenopause 250 Kb

mp3 Perimenopause Podcast 2.56 Mb

pdfPhysical Activity255.5 KB

mp3 Physical Activity Podcast 5.48 Mb

pdf Pre-diabetes and Women 100.05 Kb

mp3 Pre-diabetes and Women Podcast   4.78 Mb

pdf Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) 250 Kb

mp3 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Podcast 3.63 Mb 

pdfReading Food Labels267.89 KB

mp3 Reading Food Labels Podcast 9.76 Mb

pdf Sleep 167.53 Kb

mp3 Sleep Podcast 5.87 Mb  

pdf Testosterone 86.63 Kb

mp3 Testosterone Podcast 2.25 Mb  

pdf Thyroid Conditions 93.73 Kb

mp3 Thyroid Conditions Podcast 6.21 Mb 

pdf Weight Gain Prevention for Women 127.21 Kb

mp3 Weight Gain Prevention for Women Podcast  4.28 Mb

pdf Vitamin D 95.53 Kb  

mp3 Vitamin D Podcast 3.66 Mb

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“When I found myself confronted with some important health decisions, it was such a blessing to have the Jean Hailes’ wealth of knowledge at my fingertips.”
Anna, Hobart, TAS

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